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right off the top, our big story this morning, hurricane earl is battering north carolina's outer banks. this is video shot just minutes ago from nags head, north carolina and earl is headed our way. let's tax a live look at where that storm is sitting right now. you can see it is huge. it is losing strength but still
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very powerful. we want to ache a look outside in our area. off in the distance you see the capitol dome. thank you for joining us for fox 5 morning news. i'm gurvir dhindsa. without any more hesitation, let's go over to tucker to find out what is happening with earl. it is huge, tuck. >> and it is getting bigger. let's go right back to it. category 2 hurricane. maximum winds, 105 miles per hour. the good news is the eye of the storm will stay just offshore during the next several hours. even though the beach communities from the vines right up to southern new england are going to take a beating, this could be a lot worse as this is a major storm. a lot of cloud cover across the washington area. when you head out this morning, there will be clouds. we'll go partly sunny this afternoon but you can see a lot of rain showers. bands of rain associated with earl starting to make their way inland not only in north carolina but in southern virginia and not too long here,
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even the maryland beaches will start to get in on the rain. let's look it the temperatures here in washington. we are now 78 degrees. with all the cloud cover, we are not cooling off overnight. 75 in fredericksburg. 72 in winchester. we'll start the day with clouds but end the day with some sunshine. slight chance for some of the bands of rain associated with earl to get in here south and east of the city, best chance. 91 your daytime high. winds will be breezy out of the north and 10 to 15 miles per hour. more details coming up in just a minute. >> thank you. we also want to go back out to north carolina. here is a look at the whipping winds and rain from earl. from here, the system is expected to head north hugging the east coast. will thomas spoke with people in ocean city, maryland about how they're getting ready for earl. >> reporter: night fall thursday, it became apparent conditions are deteriorating.
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and as earl moves closer, the waters of ocean city appear much of the maryland and del coastline become more dangerous. >> beaches remain open but we are going to enforce it is restriction about entering the water. people need to use common sense. it is a tough surf. people do not understand the pour of mother nature. >> reporter: the full force of earl will be felt friday. many visitors are determined to ride it out. >> we're going to sit in our place and ride it out and watch the waves. >> i'm not worried. i'm so excited to see an ocean. i'm here from new mexico. >> i think it will be cool to watch it rush against the windows and things get blown. >> reporter: boardwalk businesses want to stay hope if it is safe. >> if the weather is bad, we'll call the employees an it would them not to come home. >> reporter: was your hope? >> i'm hoping we can open tomorrow. >> reporter: some workers are worried about clocking in friday. >> they are not telling you to
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stay home. >> not as of right now. >> are you worried? >> i little bit. i'm not good if rain. i'm a bad driver. or this couple from baltimore admit they are no match for hurricane earl. their trip will be cut short. >> we are going to plan to get out in about an hour or so. but we knew from the very beginning that the storm might hit. >> reporter: will thomas, fox 5 news. >> thank you. a passenger has been taken into custody at miami international airport after security screeners found something suspicious in a checked bag. tsa investigate onors are on the saskatoon as well as miami's bomb squad. four of the six terminals are shut down. several roads in the area are closed. airport officials are asking anybody with flights into and out of miami airport to check with their carrier. here at home, montgomery county firefighters detonate four devices lippinged to the discovery channel gunman. they found those bombs inside james lee's home in wheaton. that is on top of another four explosive devices he brought
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with him to discovery's headquarters in silver spring on wednesday. police say he was carrying starter pistols, not handguns, as they first thought. it is a big day ahead on fox 5 morning news and a big day in the race to d.c. mayor. the two leading candidates will square off in another debate right here in our studio. it gets you were way here at 9:00 on fox 5. -- it gets under way here at 9:00 on fox 0. our big story again is hurricane earl which is battering north carolina's outer banks. this is video shot just a few minutes ago from nags head, north carolina and earl is making its way our way. good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. thank you for joining us for fox 5 morning news. it is friday, the 3rd of september and tucker is in. i know it has been a busy few days. earl is losing strength but it is a really large storm. >> huge storm.
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just a glancing blow to the washington area. we'll be dealing with cloud cover and some breezes. as you get closer to the beaches, they will get in on the rain and more intense winds. let's get right to it. let's look at hd radar t doesn't look to me like the eye is ever actually going to cross land areas. you can see the bands of of very heavy rain working their way into the carolinas along cape hatteras there. richmond getting some rain to the north. we've even had a couple of sprinkles make it up into washington. for us, as you head out the door this morning, just cloud cover. you can see we have this pretty ominous storm not too far off to the south and east. better picture of it, let's go to our satellite-radar. take a look at it. it is not as intense as it was yesterday. that is a major storm. maximum winds, 105 miles per hour. tracking off to the north- northeast at about 18 miles per hour. so it will be out of here by early this afternoon and we'll
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see some partly sunny skies and then out to the west, we have a cold front which is going to bring us a cooler and drier weekend with a lot of sunshine. kind of touch and go here for the next several hours particularly south and east of the city down towards the beaches and than we should start to quiet things down as we get into friday afternoon. more details on the forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. for us, partly sunny with high temperatures about 90. >> we want to take a look at the roads on this friday morning. julie wright is in with all of that. good morning. >> good morning to you. if you are traveling in on the 66 corridor, we had the overnight roadwork tying up part of the entrance to the beltway. that is cleared. if you are coming inbound on the dulles toll road after the main toll plaza arc the ramps that would lead to you the beltway still partially blocked because of overnight construction. no problems to report right now if you are making that trip into southeast washington. again, milled pavement west of the sousa bridge continuing out towards 191th street bridge. make note of that again today.
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travelth the american legion bridge, outer loop looks good out of montgomery county. no problems to report out of the inner loop as you travel between tyson's and 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we want to go back to our developing story now in the atlantic. hurricane earl is now a cat gory two storm and making its presence felt in north carolina. resident are already seeing tropical storm-force winds along the coast. closer to home, people in ocean city, maryland are also preparing for the storm. fox 5's will thomas has more. >> reporter: the waters off ocean city and much of the maryland and delaware coastline will become more dangerous as hurricane earl inches closer. >> it doesn't make sense to send people into a breaking wave that is going to break in shallow water so we restricted the water today at 1:00 this afternoon. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> it is okay to walk along the water's edge but pretty much we don't want people going into the water to swim. >> reporter: despite the growing threat of rip currents that will quickly pull a
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swimmer out to sea and what are expected to be whipping winds friday, many tourists are expected to stay put and have fun. >> we are stay for the last week of the summer and enjoying our summer. >> i think it will bounce right back off and go out to shore. >> reporter: you are sticking around? >> staying. >> we paid a lot of money to be here fay week and we're going to stay. >> reporter: the ocean city boardwalk is already starting to clear out. some workers are being told come to work no matter what earl delivers. >> i'm going to wake up, drive to ocean city, 45 minutes and come to work. >> reporter: they are not telling you to stay home. >> not as of right now. >> reporter: the fish tails restaurant will stay open too. he says the rule of the beach business is safety above making a buck joosmght for us, as a business, it is a lot of work. we have to prepare if it and whatever we do, we have to undo it because it will be beautiful on saturday. >> reporter: will thomas, fox 5 news. you can get the latest on
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earl 24/7. go to for storm conditions, watches and warnings. you can also download our app for blackberry, iphone or droid. channel standoff. yesterday, investigators searched the suspect's wheaton home and found more explosives. we get more now from fox 5's audrey barnes. she is live at discovery channel headquarters in silver spring. >> reporter: good morning. there is an eerie sense of quiet here at the discovery channel building t will be closed until tuesday. investigators have accomplished what they wanted to here at the building. they have cleared it of bombs, inside and out. of course, this building isn't the only place they went looking for explosives. they also searched suspect james lee's last known address. it wasn't a quick search either. they spent hours combing through his home in wheaton, maryland from the attic to the basement and they did find some
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interesting things including more explosives. >> four additional devices of which we can tie the individual to right now were obtained from the residence and subsequently successfully detonated. >> reporter: now, investigators think that lee might have had a car. so far, they have not been able to find t coming up a little later on, we'll take a close are look at lee's personality and his background. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> thank you so much. it is a big day ahead here on fox 5 morning news and a big day in the race for d.c. mayor. the two leading candidates, current mayor adrian fenty and council chairman vincent gray will square off in a debate in our studio. that starts at 9:00 this morning here on fox 5. we'll also stream it live on we are following a developing story out of miami international airport. part of the airport had to be evacuated and a person is in
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a bomb scare at miami international airport. police now say they took one person into custody overnight. security screeners first became suspicious after seeing something in a checked bag at the airport. they called investigator frdz the transportation security administering and the miami- dade bomb squad. four of the six passenger terminals were shut down as a safety precaution but we've learned they just reopened. thirteen oil workers jumped from a burning oil rig in the gulf of mexico. coast guard rescued them and they are expected to be okay. jonathan hunt explains. >> reporter: helicopters transport 13 people to a lieu use hospital following an oil
4:40 am
rig accident in the gulf of mexico. governor bobby jindal pays them a visit. the crew of 13 donned bright orange life preservers in the wake of the rig fire. a helicopter pilot spotting a long plume of smoke coming from the area and the crew members strung together floating in the water. officials say there were only 12 preservers and 13 people. the crew holding on to the person without a safety suit for roughly two hours. >> the offshore fly vessel, crystal clear, recovered all 13 survivors from the water. >> reporter: rig owner, mariner energy, says it is cooperating with federal officials adding, quote, the cause is not known and an investigation will be undertaken. coast guard officials say there is no sign of an oil slick coming from the spill so far. updating an earlier report that oil had been spotted. >> there is no report of
4:41 am
evidence of leaks but we continue to investigate and to monitor that situation to make sure that doesn't change. >> reporter: this late incident happening just 200 miles west of where bp's deep water horizon exploded, killing 11 workers in brill and soiling the waters along the gulf. in this case, officials aren't seeing any contamination. jonathan hunt, fox news. bp engineers have now removed the temporary cap from the ruptured well in the gulf. no oil leaked out but skimmer ships were standing by just in case. they removed the cap so the government can examine it so the government can figure out who is to blame for the disaster. police are verging an overnight crash in prince george's county. this was the scene along route 210 and old fort road in fort washington. officials say four off-duty d.c. police officers were injured this this accident. there were officers in both cars. one of those officers is in
4:42 am
serious condition this morning. the other three have nonlife- threatening injuries or minor injuries. a young lady in college accused of robbing a bank. hear why her family says she was pressured into doing it. our other big story is hurricane earl hitting north carolina's outer banks and closing in on us. we have a update. we have clouds here associated with earl and very mild temperatures. i'll show you our weekend forecast. it's great one. julie wright has a look at your morning traffic and your getting out of town traffic coming up right after the break. [ female announcer ] which cheese slices do you prefer?
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we get a live look over our lovely city on this september 3rd. 78degrees outside so still pretty warm. hurricane earl, take a look. this is video coming in to us from north carolina. it is certainly starting to make its presence felt and also making its presence felt in the southeastern part of virginia. this video that you are looking at is from nags head, north carolina. earl has weakened a little bit but it is still very powerful and very big. can you seat winds whipping around, tucker. what do you think that we might see the real effects along our coast. >> next several hours, probably 9:00, 10:00 this morning. the storm is pushing off to the north and northeast and it will be racing up towards new england later today. it will be out of here as fast
4:46 am
as it arrives. right now, even here in washington, the cloud cover that you see is associated with earl. the mild temperatures are a result of the cloud cover. we've got some bands of rain across the lower chesapeake. so, yeah, pretty interesting stuff. hard to believe we have such a powerful storm so close to us, yet so far away. there is a live look at our max ht radar. sorry, that last frame is dropping out. the storm is split ago part here as it pushes up the coast and weakening vast -- the storm is splitting apart here as it pushes up the coast and weakening. can't find any rain here in d.c. at this hour. it looks like we have got rain showers starting to break out across the lower chesapeake there. you go. can you see the motion here generally off to the north. see that eye just offshore of cape hatteras here. we've just hay reported wind
4:47 am
gust of 67 miles per hour in cape hatteras. approaching hurricane-force winds there. i think the worst for the local beaches down at the lower eastern show will be over the next several hours. it will all be out of here by the afternoon. can you see the bands of rain being pushed up towards the washington area at this hour. wind not much to speak of around here. just three miles per hour. a little more impressive off to the south and east. patuxent naval air station, 10. ocean city, 12. around the here, 10 to 20-mile per hour wind as that storm passes off to the east. it will be a little breezy at times particularly to the south and east of the city. another story, temperatures once again on the warm side. 78 at reagan national. 77 in annapolis. 76 in quantico. look like we'll set, get this, a record high minimum temperature for september 3rd. stay tuned for that. here is your satellite-radar. we are dealing with a cold front out to the west. that will bring us cooler and
4:48 am
drier air. this has not been mentioned a whole lot but as that comes through later tonight, that will cool us down and set us up for a fran taft -- for a fantastic saturday and sunday. we'll have a clearing trend, kind of of a partly sunny afternoon for us. closer look at earl. can you see the cloud cover and you can see the eye as it starts to fall apart a little bit as it pushes in here to the north and east. the band of rain will continue to be flown back over the next several hours. slight chance for rain showers to break out south and east of the city. 91degrees. wind at time will be a little breezy out of the north gusting to about 15 to 20. saturday, sunday, monday, absolutely beautiful. high temperatures each day in the low to mid-80s. we warm it up again by tuesday. we'll get an update on earl momentarily. let's get to on-time traffic
4:49 am
and julie wright has the latest. >> all right. not looking so bad if you are traveling down south at the wilson bridge. all of the lane are open. if you are making that trip on the south side, you will find that the lanes are open coming on 95 and 295 leaving baltimore headed town towards the capital beltway. southbound 270, easy ride right now for those leaving germantown headed south of father hurley boulevard headed out to mva and continuing into rockville. overnight roadwork north of 28 out of your way. no problems reportedded on 95. coming northbound headed off onto 395, lanes are open. southbound, you see the blue lights? that is where we had an accident. they are in the process of clearing that from the left side of the road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we do have a traffic alert on metro. five red line stations are going to close over labor day weekend so workers can make some safety improvements. the national transportation safety board recommended these improvements following last year's deadly train crash. the stations closing include tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont.
4:50 am
they will shut down at 10:00 tonight. service is scheduled to begin at 5:00 next tuesday morning. dmv offices in virginia are once again renewing driver's licenses. john henrehan has a report. >> reporter: extra staff was on hand. at one point some mid-morning, we counted personnel on duty at 14 of this office's 17 customer windows. how was your experience? >> it was easy. wasn't bad. they were very helpful. i can't see any stress of them. >> reporter: how long did it take? >> about 10 minutes. >> reporter: the state's computer data storage unit in richmond was working as the office opened. one customer told us and the staffer confirmed the system went down for about five minutes before coming back up and resuming normal operation. >> reporter: what transaction were you doing here? >> i was getting my new
4:51 am
driver's license, having moved here there the uk. >> reporter: how was it? >> pretty good service. only had to wait about 0, 25 minutes. >> reporter: staff members think that now that people know the dmv's computers are working, the crush will come on friday and saturday. for now, the paperwork is flowing. 15-year-old xavier ryan walked out with his learner's permit. >> this means i'll be driving for nine months and then i will get my license and i'll be on the giant food we'll see. he is not driving home. i'll tell you that much. >> reporter: john henrehan, fox 5 news. all dmv offices will stay open until 6:00 tonight and three northern virginia offices will extend their hours tomorrow. a local college student is behind bars accused of robbing a maryland bank. the girl's family says she didn't act alone. they say 18-year-old jenna
4:52 am
baker was pressured into committing the crime. maureen umeh has more. >> she is a very smart girl. >> reporter: a smart girl who made a bad decision, her family says, to help her boyfriend rob this jefferson maryland bank tuesday. >> i've never known her to cause any trouble around here. >> reporter: police a 4-year- old anthony young, jr. jumped over a counter, hit a male teller on the head and cut wires with a knife before running out and through this cemetery with the cash. police say 18-year-old jenna baker drove the getaway car. >> i don't know whether he threatened her. it wasn't my sister. that wasn't who we all know. >> reporter: tips let investigators to westminster where they found some of the stolen cash inside a microwave in wrung's hotel room. they say young and baker used some of the money to buy a video game system, clothes, a printer and school books. >> i guess if you need it, that is what you're going to buy. >> reporter: baker was a student at nearby mcdaniel college studying accounting. her family says she is also seven months pregnant. they say she had been
4:53 am
struggling to make something of herself but her relationship with young always set her back. they say baker recently used money for her school books to bail young out of jail. >> he told her that he would pay her back one way or another and i'm guessing that is why they did t. >> reporter: baker was arrested outside her do remember. young at his hotel. her family can't imagine why she allegedlyhelped in the crime. >> love makes you do crazy things, i guess. >> maureen umeh, fox 5 news. >> baker and young are charged with a number of crimes and could spend many years in prison. baker's sister is hoping to get custody of baker's baby after it is born. the race for d.c. mayor is coming down to the wire and later this morning, we'll help you make your decision about which candidate to vote for. the leading cts are going to debate in our studio that. debate begins at 9:00 this morning. coming up in our next hour, we'll get you ready with a look at where both candidates stand right now.
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up next, the prosent finale for the washington redskins. we'll have highlights as the skin gear up for the opener against dallas. [ girl ] bye mom! bye sweetie! you'll do great.
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keeps 'em full... keeps 'em focused. welcome back. let's take a look at sports. the redskins wrapped up the preseason with a loss unfortunately. they fell to the arizona cardinals 20-10 last night. most of the redskins starters did not play. albert haynesworth did play. the redskins finished the preseason with a record of 2-2. they open the regular season on september 1th at dallas. the washington d.c. area supplies college football with some of the nation's top talent. this year, a local high school has who many people consider the number one recruit in the country. dave ross has the story. >> you got to have loyalty to
4:57 am
each other, to the coaches. loyalty to dematha. >> one of the most storied school in the country while most of the kids are home grown, one. the newest stag stars, cyrus quandro, comes all the way from cameroon. >> i got here when i was four years old. i started playing football when i was in, what, eighth grade. i was always the biggest kid in the class. >> big may be an understatement. try 6'6" and # hundred pounds at the tender age of 17. >> i look for the day when sooner or later, i get used to it. >> reporter: cyrus might not only be one of the biggest kids at dematha but one of the very best. >> if all goes the way it could go for him, i think he could be a tremendous football player some day. >> reporter: if anyone would know, bill macgregor certainly would. in his 29 years at dematha, he
4:58 am
has turned out countle nfl players including seven on nfl rosters last season. the most of any high school in the entire country. >> expect great things from him this year, tremendous college career and then hopefully a great future down the road. but most important, i think cyrus has everything in perspective. >> reporter: perspective can be tough for cyrus' family. in cameroon, american football is not, shall we say, high up on the priority list. >> they play rugby. it is pretty close to football. they respect rugby a lot more than football. >> reporter: as one of the top recruits in the country, cyrus is being courted by all sorts of big-time colleges. but it is his ability to stay grounded that has impressed his coach the most. >> just a great young man. all this publicity has not affected him at all. great teammate and a great leader of our football team. or at demath a dave ross, fox 5 sports.
4:59 am
>> cyrus has had help with the college recruiting process. his brother ari just went through this last year. is a freshman playing at alabama. dematha opens its season saturday against loyola. it is that time again. the fox 5 high school football game of the year. this week's winner w. t. woodson at fairfax. that game received 48% of the vote. tune in for all of that right here tonight on fox 5 news at 5:00. we have much more still ahead this morning. we'll take a look at earl again. we'll take a look at traffic and all your top stories as fox 5 morning news continues. good morning to you. it is friday morning, september 3rd, 2010. this is a live look at owe someone city, maryland where hurricane earl -- at ocean city, maryland where hurricane earl is getting ready to make its presence known to people there preparing for t we are glad you are with us. earl certainly making

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